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Ronen Chen –
„if you have it, flaunt it!“



Architecture and geometric figures are the sources of inpsiration for the Israeli fashion designer Ronen Chen’s collections. In 2013 Ronen Chen, living in Tel Aviv, started its Plus Size fashion line.

At the curvy fashion fair in Berlin I had the chance to get a closer look at the labels collection and immediately fell in love with a dress (that was so clear…;)..). A blue dress with white dots. The material felt great, the cut was very figure-flattering. Good quality has its price, which is why I, for the time being, hung back the beautiful piece and banished it from my mind (we’ll see about that in the future..;)..)

However, I got the chance to ask for an interview. Alexa Singierman, International Sales Director of Ronen Chen, answered all of my questions.



When was the label Ronen Chen established?

Ronen Chen was created in 1994

Since when do you design / produce plus size clothing?

We started producing Plus size 3 years ago

Why did you expand your range to plus size?

The request came from our customers who loved our designs and felt that we should be expanding our size range

Up to which sizes are Ronen Chen plus size designs available?

Ronen chen’s designs are available up to size euro 54

Where does Mr. Chen get his inspiration for his (plus size) designs from?

His designs have always been recognized as being extremely flattering for all body types, he understands woman’s bodies and knows how to embrace and include the curves into his designs.

What do you have to specially think about / care about when designing plus size clothing? Is there a difference to your non plus size designs?

First, it needs to be body conscious, although the non plus is also designed this way! We focus a little bit more on sleeve’s length and width as well as lengths in general.



Do you use different fabrics for your plus size range? Which fabrics do you use for your plus size designs?

We use the same fabrics for our plus range. Lots of natural fibers as well as synthetic. Heavier knits in the winter, thinner in the summer… It also depends on world fashion trends.

How do you make sure that you’ll find the right shapes for your plus size designs – especially as plus size body types are that diverse?

This range is designed with one thing in mind: to make woman feel beautiful! As for the rest, not every style can fit everyone!

Where do you produce your fashion?

90% of our production is done locally in Israel

Why do you think is plus size clothing such an underrated issue in the fashion industry?

Our mainstream culture is based on the dogma that „skinny is beautiful“, we are bombarded everywhere with these faulty messages trying to convince us that unless we are skinny, we can neither be beautiful, successful, nor popular… and to think that once opulence was the sign of richness!

Do you have a special advice for our readers: what should a plus size woman look for / care about when buying clothes?

Buy what makes you feel like yourself! Do not wear anything that you are not comfortable in or doesn’t reflect your personality. Look for styles that accentuate the parts of your body that you are most proud of whether it be cleavage, a slimmer waistline or fabulous legs: „if you have it, flaunt it!“

Last but not least, wear colors that compliment your skin tone. As a global company, we at Ronen Chen, are in constant juggle with colors according to skin tones in our various markets.



Where in Austria can one buy Ronen Chen plus size designs?

We are very proud to announce that our plus range will be launched in Austria for FW16 at

Sabine Pausch

Hauptplatz 39

2100 Korneuburg





Dear Ronen Chen-Team thank you very much for taking the time to answer all of my questions. The Curvect-Team wishes you all the best for the future we are looking forward to the next plus size-collection.


More about Ronen Chen: http://www.ronenchen.com/us/about/


You can find the German version of the interview here: http://curvect.com/ronen-chen-wunderschoen-fuehlen/

Ich liebe Mode – schon immer, bin kurvig seit ich mich erinnern kann und kann heute mit Fug und Recht behaupten, dass ich mich mag. Die Plus Size Welt ist bunt und vielfältig. Das möchte ich zeigen und habe deshalb nach Jahren in der PR-Branche beschlossen, jetzt nur noch PR für Curvect zu machen.

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