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Girl with Curves Collection

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The Girl with Curves Collection ist out! Tanesha Awasthi, founder of Girl With Curves, launched an exclusive collection of modern-classic must- haves for fall/winter 2019.


Tanesha Awasthi

I’ve been following Tanesha for years now and always really like her way of dressing up & styling her outfits. Back in 2011 she started her blog Girl with Curves, which quite quickly became a big success. Chic & elegant plus size styles, styling tips, wellness – today over 1.5 Million readers are following Tanesha.

After cooperating with fashion brands for some time now she took the next step and started her own clothing line. A sophisticated-yet-approachable take on style. That is how the new Girl with Curves Collection is described.

Each design in the assortment of dresses, sportswear separates and outerwear is designed to fit and flatter curves.

Girl With Curves Collection

“We take pride in creating what I call accessible luxury – thoughtful designs with high end details made from quality materials, ethically manufactured in San Francisco, at an accessible price-point.”

Girl With Curves collection is a modern take on classic fashion, made in San Francisco, CA, in sizes 10-28. Girl With Curves collection includes a thoughtful selection of work to weekend apparel as well as accessories.

This is how PR describes it ;). However I wanted to know more, so I asked Tanesha, what her approach on plus size fashion is, what plus size fashion is for her. As well as what she thinks someone has to keep in mind when designing for bigger bodies.


Girl with Curves Collection, Button Trench Dress

When I’m designing, I pay close attention to fit, fabric and construction, to ensure each piece fits and flatters a range of body types. I find the majority of plus size styles on the market today are made to conceal or hide curves, but I enjoy highlighting curves in a way that’s chic, understated and modern, which is what I think we need more of in the plus size fashion space. I hope each one of my designs speaks to this.
Personally I think her designs are chic, timeless and very easy to wear. I love the blue dress (well, what a surprise ;)..) as well as the denim skirt or the Button Trench dress. Even though I would wish for more colorful looks. Maybe we’ll see some of these more bright und fun looks in the future.

Tanesha Awasthi in her blue Dress, Pictures (c)Girl with Curves

Girl With Curves Collection Website, Ordering, Sizing

Good news: international shipping and prices are also stated in Euro. The Pricing ranges from about € 36 for a T-Shirt to about € 175 for a coat. Dress are available from € 109 up. Reasonable not super cheap. Materials used: Polyester, Cotton, Viscose, Spandex (a big hurra ;)!..) etc.
Pictures are showing the products nicely. Tanesha modeled herself, so one can imagine much better how the design will look on a body with bigger curves. I also like the size guide. Which does not only show the US / UK & EU sizing but also measurements. For me one of the best things to do. As sizes can vary measurements are really helpful. All we Austrian woman need is an online convertor from inches to cm.
When I checked the sizing however it seems as I would be a size 4 X between 26 and 28 US / 58 / 60 EU which was quite a surprise for me, as I am normally a US 20 / 22, EU 52 / 54. This will be something I will check back with the Girl with Curves-Team. How exact are the measurements. However I would always trust measurements more than sizes.


Which leaves me with one conclusion: The Girl with Curves Collection does not really go up to a EU size 60. More like a 56. Please keep this in mind.
The first Girl with Curves Collection pieces are timeless, very wearable and elegant. I will hopefully get the chance to get my hands on that blue dress and of course let you know how I like it. The only downside for me as a European / Austrian woman? Shipping from the US is really challenging for us (taxes, costs). On the other hand I am just to interested in fit, sizing and the overall feel of the dress and maybe the skirt or the button trench dress..or….;)…
How do you like the  new pieces? Let me know and leave a comment. Thank you :).
You can shop the collection here:




Girl With Curves
Instagram:@girlwithcurves @girlwithcurvescollection

All pictures (c) Girl with Curves



Ich liebe Mode – schon immer, bin kurvig seit ich mich erinnern kann und kann heute mit Fug und Recht behaupten, dass ich mich mag. Die Plus Size Welt ist bunt und vielfältig. Das möchte ich zeigen und habe deshalb nach Jahren in der PR-Branche beschlossen, jetzt nur noch PR für Curvect zu machen.


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